CBOE.com Operating System and Browser Requirements

The CBOE web site has been optimized for use with the following:

Operating Systems:

Windows 2000/XP or higher


Windows 2000/XP or higher

Internet Explorer versions 7.X and higher
FireFox 3.X and higher
(see "Required Browsers, Media Players and Plug-ins" below to download updated versions)

Please note that although many previous versions of Windows and other operating systems and browsers may work on the majority of the site, the above versions are those which were tested. Select areas of CBOE.com contain more complex code however, which may cause non-supported operating systems and browsers to fail while performing certain functions.

CBOE.com does not currently support Safari or Chrome, but you will find that recent versions of these browsers will function properly on the majority of the site. We will continue to review usage statistics of other browsers in order to determine which to support in the future. If you are not currently using a supported browser, feel free to visit one of the supported browser links below in order to download and install a supported version.*

Screen Resolution:

Please note that the minimum required screen resolution to view the site properly is 1280x1024.

Required Browsers, Media Players and Plug-ins:

To fully utilize all areas of CBOE.com, you may wish to download and install the most current web browser and/or plug-in versions, which are available for free from product manufacturer websites:

Internet Explorer:


Windows Media Player/Silverlight:
Options Institute webcasts, CBOE TV, and audio files within CBOE's Online Courses area require the latest version of Windows Media Player.

Note regarding Silverlight - The first time you access the Options Institute webcast system, you may be automatically prompted to install the Silverlight plug-in.

Adobe Reader:
Many documents available for download require Adobe Reader.

Excel Viewer:
Various reports are available in .xls or .csv format and require Excel in order to view them. If you do not own this application, Microsoft offers a free Excel Viewer.


If you have any questions, please visit the Contact CBOE form located at the following web address:

*CBOE is not recommending that our site visitors download and/or install software from the web sites above, nor can we offer technical assistance if you choose to do so.

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