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CBOE Chairman and CEO William Brodsky discusses financial regulatory reform

Perspectives in Financial Regulation
  • CBOE Chairman & CEO William J. Brodsky was recently invited to guest-write "The Striking Price" column in Barron's. In the column, he offered his perspective on the financial regulatory reform bill and cautioned about the potential peril of shoehorning market structure reform in the securities and options business into a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • Below are links to the July 17, 2010 Barron's column, and a video interview with Mr. Brodsky, recorded on July 29, which reinforces his opinions on these issues:
    • The Dodd-Frank Bill affirms that exchange-traded markets performed well in the global financial crisis while other parts of the financial system failed, and appropriately focuses on markets with too little transparency and regulation in OTC derivatives.
    • The SEC's challenge going forward will be to address issues that create unfairness or distortions -- while preserving what helps individual investors in the options markets.
    • The SEC's treatment of short selling during the crisis demonstrates how short-sighted actions have the potential to harm market quality by hurting bona fide options hedging.
    • The SEC must not simply graft stock-market solutions onto options markets.

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Barron's Column

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CBOE Chairman and CEO William Brodsky discusses financial regulatory reform.

(Recorded July 29, 2010)

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