COPS: Customized Options Pricing Service

CBOE Customized Option Pricing Service

Utilizing the quantitative expertise of CBOE's Trading Permit Holders to deliver market consensus valuations

CBOE Customized Option Pricing Service combines the expertise of CBOE's Trading Permit Holders (TPHs) with the simple access of CBOE's affiliate Market Data Express (MDX).

Effective November 18, 2016, COPS will be discontinued. Thus, COPS data will no longer be available after November 18, 2016.

Benefits include:

Market consensus valuations

  • Final figures are averages of contributions from several CBOE TPHs that specialize in listed equity option trading, resulting in robust valuations. Rather than creating valuations based off a single model, CBOE Customized Option Pricing Service produces values that are derived through a comprehensive price discovery process.
  • Thorough quality control process to ensure consistency among contributors.
Equity derivatives expertise
  • All open FLEX series are priced daily by CBOE's TPH contributors.
  • Contributors will provide valuations on other options upon request. Send requests to
  • Exotic options, including Asian and Cliquet index options.
Customized Index Option
  • A series of near-the-money strikes across several different maturities on various indices, offering implied volatility surface insight.
  • Values are available by 3:55 p.m. CST, which should help meet deadlines for firms that required to produce daily NAVs.
Simple pricing
  • Customers can choose to purchase as many valuations as desired, as frequently as needed, through MDX's simple website interface at The fee schedule is:

  • No. of options valuations purchased per day
    Fee per option per day
    500 +
  • Historical COPS data can be purchased for $75 per trading day.

For more information please contact Matt McFarland at (312) 786-7978 or

COPS prices are derived as average of values supplied by third parties unless otherwise indicated, and are not actual prices, bids or offers posted in any market. Over-the-counter options are priced in the same manner as the equivalent exchange-traded Flexible Exchange ("FLEX")option. COPS data is not, and should not be construed as financial, legal or other advice of any kind, nor should it be regarded as an offer or as a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell or otherwise deal in any investment. Copyright © 2016 CBOE. All rights reserved.