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Portfolio Management Strategies for High-net-worth Investors, Family Offices, and Trust Companies

With the tremendous growth in the number of high-net-worth investors in the United States over the past couple decades, various investment tools have been utilized to help these investors meet their financial goals -- goals that often include preservation and growth of capital, and deferral and minimization of taxes. This page shows some of the many ways in which a very flexible investment tool -- listed options -- can help high-net-worth investors pursue their financial goals.

Links to Papers with Discussions of Tax Topics

White Paper for High-net-worth Investors  (Acrobat format) * (published in 2001)
Taxes and Investing: A Guide for the Individual Investor *
IRS Publication 550 on Investment Income and Expenses (see, e.g., pages 45-62 for information on capital gains and losses) *

* The three publications above have discussions of tax issues. Please be aware of the fact that tax laws and regulations, regulations can change and are subject to varying interpretations. Investors should consult with tax advisors for up-to-date tax advice applying to their particular investments

Links to Strategies

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