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The Options Institute

The Options Institute provides training on how to manage risk in an increasingly complex marketplace through the use of effective options strategies.

It is a widely used industry resource, conducting seminars worldwide that both answer continuing education requirements and stimulate the effective use of options among diverse segments of the investing community. Courses are designed to teach participants how to meet their investment goals and include topics ranging from the basics of options to uses of advanced strategies.

A comprehensive curriculum, taught by trading industry professionals, covers all phases of the options business - from understanding options to using options to managing client accounts. Theory, strategy and hands-on trading simulations combine for an exceptional experience.

One of the most effective resources available to The Options Institute is the trading floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange and its members. Class sessions held on the floor of the exchange provide class participants with firsthand experience in how options are traded and enhance their knowledge of the industry.

Evaluation of course content and effectiveness is an integral part of the Institute's educational philosophy. Participant feedback is a major consideration in our course revisions and long-term curriculum development.

What We Offer

The Options Institute has tailored programs that target different experience levels, industry segments, and venues. Each program teaches how options are a useful tool for investment and mitigating a portfolio's risk. The Institute has designed programs for both individuals and firms which enable you to:

  • Learn options theory and strategy
  • Experience mock trading sessions on the exchange floor
  • Meet continuing education requirements
  • Select customized training based on your goals and experience
  • Attend training in a variety of locations, including international venues

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Our Instructors

The Institute instructors are a combination of former traders, industry professionals, and academics who offer the knowledge that you need to compete in today's complex market environment.

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Phone: 1-877-THE-CBOE
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