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The Market Guys
Dates TBD

Rick Swope & AJ Monte specialize in “common sense technical analysis,” risk management, and protecting wealth with innovative market techniques. This 2-day classroom experience will focus on screening stocks for option trades, charting strategies and more.

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Larry McMillan
Dates TBD

The author of Options as a Strategic Investment and “The Option Strategist” market letter will discuss his proprietary approach to market timing and stock selection. His indicators include computer analysis of put-call ratios, volatility (VIX®) analysis, the probability calculator and using options as a technical indicator.

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Price Headley
Dates TBD

The President and Founder of will discuss his technical-based methods of stock selection and trend identification. Some of the indicators that Mr. Headley will discuss are acceleration bands, the efficiency ratio, momentum divergence, relative strength, average directional movement (ADX) and stochastics confirmation.

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Fari Hamzei
Dates TBD

Explore Hamzei Analytics’ proprietary market sentiment data including real-time, intra-day dollar-weighted put-call ratios, momentum indicators and sector buy/sell indicators. The 1-day Chicago classroom training is followed by 4 weeks of live, real-time market evaluation and trading via a Web-accessed chatroom (provided by Hamzei Analytics), in which real trades are made by a number of professional traders and hedge fund managers.

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Jon Najarian (Dr. J)
Dates TBD

“Doctor J” and his brother Peter Najarian will break down floor trading strategies for regular investors and traders. They will discuss the proprietary information provided by their Web site and how it can be used to identify trading opportunities.



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