Programs for International Participants

International Participants

Currency fluctuations, interest rates, and equities are risks in an international portfolio. Options can play an important role in mitigating those risks. To better understand the use of options, many international organizations are turning to CBOE for their options training.

Our Approach

The Options Institute offers programs around the world. We work in conjunction with other educational organizations or independently and offer basic as well as advanced options concepts training.

The Institute can teach the classes or conduct train-the-trainer sessions with local instructors. The Options Institute can also perform a range of functions including:

  • Prepare materials
  • Rehearse speakers
  • Deliver information

We work closely with foreign nationals to ensure we include relevant information and incorporate country-specific data.

Come Visit CBOE

The Institute participates in programs in which foreign nationals visit the U.S. We can accommodate individuals and groups in our current curriculum. Or, we can customize programs to meet specific needs.

We use industry professionals as speakers to create dynamic, interactive programs that offer "hands on" options training. Programs can be several days to several weeks, and often are part of a longer study program in the U.S.

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