CBOE Rule Filings

Date Document Description Federal Register Publications
09/02/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-075  Proposal to Amend the Facility Fees Section of the Fees Schedule
09/01/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-076  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
08/17/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-074  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
08/17/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-071 wi... Withdrawn
08/14/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-073  Proposed Rule Change Related to QCC Orders
08/03/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-069  Proposal Related to Booking Market Orders to Sell in No-Bid Series from PAR
07/24/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-070  Proposal Clarifying SAL Rule
07/23/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-061  Proposed Rule Change to Amend Exchange Rules Related to Equipment and Communication on the Exchange's Trading Floor
07/13/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-068  Proposal Extending AIM and FLEX AIM Pilots
07/10/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-064  Proposal to Amend the Options Regulatory Fee
07/01/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-066  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
07/01/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-065  Proposal Extending SPY Position Limit Pilot
07/01/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-067  Proposal Delay Implementation of Rule 6.53(y) for Certain Orders
06/24/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-063  Proposal to Amend Rule 6.49A
06/23/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-062  Proposal to Adopt Livevol Fees
06/18/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-044
Amendment 1
Proposal Regarding the Asian and Cliquet Style Settlement for FLEX Index Options
06/17/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-060  Proposal Extending Penny Pilot Program
06/15/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-057 Wi... Withdrawn
06/15/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-052  Proposal to Amend Rule 5.3.06
06/15/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-059  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
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