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Date Document Description Federal Register Publications
11/21/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-015 Wi... Withdrawn
11/17/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-087  Amend Definition of Strategy Order
11/11/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-086  Extend Penny Pilot Through June 30, 2015
11/10/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-085  Proposal Regarding Professional Orders
11/03/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-084  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
10/31/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-083  Proposal Related to the Combo Indicator
10/24/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-062
Amendment 1
Proposal to Adopt Extended Trading Hours
10/24/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-082  Proposal Related to the CBOE Trade Match System
10/22/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-067  Proposal Related to the No-Bid Rule
10/17/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-080  Proposal Extending Flex Index Options Pilot
10/16/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-079  Proposal to Extend End of Week/End of Month Pilot
10/15/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-071  Proposed Rule Change Related to the COB
10/14/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-081  Proposal to Adopt Rule 6.12A Regarding PAR Functionality
10/10/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-078 Wi... Withdrawn
10/03/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-076  Proposal Extending SPXPM/XSP Pilot Program
10/01/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-072  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
10/01/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-075  Proposal to Amend the ORS and CORS Programs
10/01/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-073  Proposal Regarding Margin Treatment of OCC Cleared OTC Option Contracts
09/02/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-070  Proposal to Amend the CBOE Fees Schedule
08/28/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-069  Proposal to Modify Strike Setting Regime for Weekly Series of XSP and DJX Options
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