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Date Document Description Federal Register Publications
08/26/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-062  Proposal to Adopt Extended Trading Hours
08/26/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-066  Proposal Related to Mutual Nullification and Adjustment
08/19/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-015  Proposal Regarding Complex Orders
08/12/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-063 Wi... Withdrawn
08/12/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-065  Proposal to Amend the CBOE Fees Schedule
08/06/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-064  Proposal to Amend the CBOE Fees Schedule
08/01/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-061  Proposal Related to PULSe Fee Waiver
07/25/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-060  Proposal Related to Multi-Class Spread Orders
07/22/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-059  Proposal to Amend Market-Maker Quoting Obligations
07/10/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-058  Proposal Related to Bandwidth Allowance
07/03/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-057  Proposal Relating to the Customized Option Pricing Service
07/02/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-052  Proposal Related to the Short Term Options Program
07/02/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-056  Proposal to Amend CBOE Rule 3.9
07/01/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-053  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
07/01/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-054  Proposal to Extend AIM Pilot Programs
07/01/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-055  Proposal to Amend the CBOE Fees Schedule
06/25/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-026 wi... Withdrawn
06/25/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-051  Proposal to Modify Strike Setting Regime for Mini-S&P 500 Index Options
06/10/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-039
Amendment 1
Proposal to Amend Certain Margin Rules for Volatility Index Options
06/03/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-049  Proposal to Amend the CBOE Fees Schedule
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