CBOE Rule Filings

Date Document Description Federal Register Publications
08/25/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-049
Amendment 1
Proposal Related to the FTSE Developed Europe and FTSE Emerging Indexes
08/24/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-062  Proposal Regarding Wednesday SPY Expirations
08/19/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-063  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
08/12/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-061  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
08/08/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-058  Proposed Rule Change Related to Exchange Holidays on Foreign Exchanges
08/01/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-059  Proposal Relating to COPS
08/01/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-060  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
07/27/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-051  Proposal Regarding Series 9/10 Examination Program Revisions
07/21/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-057  Proposal Related to Tied to Stock Orders
07/13/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-056  Proposal to Extend the AIM Pilot Programs
07/12/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-055 Wi... Withdrawn
07/01/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-054  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
06/28/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-041  Proposal to Adopt the ETH Executing Agent Subsidy Program
06/20/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-052  Proposal Regarding SPY Position Limit Pilot Extension
06/16/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-050  Proposal to Amend Order Marking Requirements for Solicited Orders and Not Held Orders
06/15/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-049  Proposal to List and Trade Options That Overlie the FTSE Developed Europe and Emerging Indexes
06/14/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-046  Proposal to Expand the Nonstandard Expirations Pilot Program
06/01/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-048  Proposal to Extend Penny Pilot
05/23/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-047  Proposal Relating to the Delegation of Authorities to Senior Management
05/16/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-044 wi... Withdrawn