CBOE Rule Filings

Date Document Description Federal Register Publications
02/27/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-024  Proposal relating to Automated Improvement Mechanism (AIM) order allocation
02/26/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-023  List and Trade MSCI EAFE Index and MSCI Emerging Markets Index Options
02/26/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-017 Wi... Withdrawn
02/20/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-022  Proposed Rule Change to Amend Exchange Rules Related to Equipment and Communication on the Exchange's Trading Floor
02/19/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-021  Proposal to Adopt Rule 6.12
02/19/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-018  Proposal Extending Obvious Error Pilot Program
02/18/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-020  Proposal to Establish Fees for Extended Trading Hours
02/17/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-016 Wi... Withdrawn
02/13/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-015 wi... Withdrawn
02/02/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-014  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
01/23/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-011  Proposed Rule Change to Amend Exchange Rules Related to Order Tickets
01/22/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-010  Proposal to Amend Rules 6.41 and 24.8
01/21/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-008  Proposal to Extend SPY Position Limit Pilot Through July 12, 2015
01/21/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-009  Proposed Expansion of $0.50 Strikes for Equity Weeklys
01/15/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-007  Proposal to Adopt a COPS Box Strategy Rebate
01/15/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-001 wi... Withdrawn
01/14/2015 SR-CBOE-2014-097 wi... Withdrawn
01/14/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-006  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
01/14/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-005  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
01/07/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-004  Proposal to Delay Implementation of SR-CBOE-2014-040
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