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04/22/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-038  Proposal Relating to the Availability of Certain Delayed Market Data on CBOE Websites
04/10/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-026
Amendment 1
Proposal Regarding Multi-Class Spread Orders
04/10/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-037  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
04/01/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-036  Proposal Regarding CBSX Shutdown
04/01/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-034  Proposal to Amend Rule 8.3
04/01/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-035  Proposal to Fix Technical Errors
04/01/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-033  Proposal Related to the Rule 6.25 Pilot Program
03/28/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-031  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
03/28/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-030  Proposal Related to Rule 5.5
03/27/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-029  Proposal Related to the Represent Button
03/26/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-028  Proposal to Amend the CBSX Fees Schedule
03/25/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-027  Proposal Related to the End of Week and End of Month Expirations Pilot Program
03/21/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-026  Proposal Regarding Multi-Class Spread Orders
03/19/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-025  Proposal Related to the CBSX Clearly Erroneous Policy
03/14/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-024  Proposal to Amend Appointment Cost for VIX Options
03/12/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-023  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
03/12/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-022 wi... Withdrawn
03/12/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-019 wi... Withdrawn
03/11/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-020  Proposal Relating to Certain CBOE Real-Time Data Feeds and a New Book Depth Data Feed
03/11/2014 SR-CBOE-2014-021  Proposal Relating to the CBSX BBO Data Feed and a New CBSX Book Depth Data Feed
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