CBOE Rule Filings

Date Document Description Federal Register Publications
05/28/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-053  Proposal Relating to Intermarket Order Routing
05/20/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-051  Proposal Delay Implementation of Rule 15.2A
05/12/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-045  Proposal Related to Rule 6.53C
05/11/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-049  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
05/11/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-048  Proposal Related to Order Tickets
05/06/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-044  Proposal Regarding the Asian and Cliquet Style Settlement for FLEX Index Options
05/06/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-039  Proposal Related to the Nullification and Adjustment of Options Transactions Including Obvious Errors
05/05/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-042  Proposal Relating to Exchange Liability
05/05/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-047  Proposal Related to Floor Broker Due Diligence
05/04/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-012  Proposal to Add TPH Qualifications and Access Requirements
05/01/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-046  Proposes to Amend the Terms of the Customized Option Pricing Service
04/30/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-030  Proposal Related to Floor Broker Errors and Error Accounts
04/23/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-043  Proposal Relating to AIM Auction Order Allocations
04/20/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-041  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
04/15/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-040  Proposal to Amend Rule 15.5
04/01/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-028 Wi... Withdrawn
04/01/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-037  Proposal Relating to the Exchange's Arbitration Program
04/01/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-034  Proposal Related to Booking Market Orders to Sell in No-Bid Series from PAR
04/01/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-038  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
03/31/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-036  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
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