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The Registration and Regulatory Services Division of CBOE is committed to maintaining open communications with its Trading Permit Holders and providing them with the highest level of support and quality services. The Department of Regulatory Planning is interested in being made aware of and working to address your concerns, suggestions and complaints regarding regulatory issues. You may register your comments anonymously or you may provide your identity and request a response to your concerns. As an alternative to using this on-line form, you may also submit your comments by mail or by calling our comment hotline. Information on how to submit comments via mail or the hotline can be found at the end of this form.
We appreciate your willingness to expend the time and effort to assist us in collecting this information. All comment information will be treated in confidence to the fullest extent possible.
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If you prefer, you may submit your comments in writing to:
Chicago Board Options Exchange, Incorporated
Attn: Office of the Chief Regulatory Officer
400 S. LaSalle St.
Chicago, IL 60605
Or, as an alternative, you may submit your comments by calling our comment hotline - (312) 786-8600. You can choose to register your comments via the hotline anonymously or provide your identity.
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