2010 Annual Report
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CBOE Holdings 2010 Financial Highlights
  • Adjusted operating revenues rose eight percent to $433 million in 2010, compared with $402 million the previous year. 
  • Adjusted operating income rose 13 percent to $176 million, up from $156 million in 2009. 
  • Adjusted operating margin was a solid 40.7 percent, 2.0 percentage points above the 38.7 percent in 2009.
  • Adjusted diluted earnings per share increased to $1.09, six percent above the $1.03 EPS in 2009.
  • Generated strong operating cash flow of $135 million compared with $113 million in 2009.
  • Returned a portion of available cash to stockholders through quarterly cash dividends of $0.10 per share of common stock in the third and fourth quarters of 2010.
  • Retired approximately 12 million restricted shares of Class A-1 and Class A-2 common stock through two concurrent tender offers, thereby reducing total shares outstanding by 12 percent.
  • Continued to maintain a debt-free balance sheet and financial flexibility.


Performance Summary
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