2010 Annual Report
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Market Leadership:
Market Leadership Image of VIX Pit
The trading crowd for CBOE’s flagship product, S&P 500 Index (SPX) options.

Since founding the listed options business in 1973, the letters “C-B-O-E” have become synonymous with options trading.

The Company is universally recognized for its unrivaled product innovation, advances in trading technology and dedication to industry advocacy and investor education—efforts that have propelled the growth of options.

CBOE’s standing as the largest single options marketplace, coupled with its history of creating industry-defining products and services, have not just helped maintain, but continue to further elevate, our reputation as the industry leader. It is because of these contributions, not just to options trading, but to the world of finance, that CBOE is viewed as a unique and special brand name.


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CBOE Holdings
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