C2 Rule Filings

C2 rule filings are listed below. In addition, the C2 Rules Book incorporates a number of chapters from the Cboe rules. Therefore, any Cboe rule filings which modify those Cboe rules that are incorporated into the C2 rulebook are also listed below.

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Date Document Description
09/07/2018 SR-C2-2018-020  SR-C2-2018-020 - Proposal to amend its rules relating to categories of registration and respective qualification examinations required for Trading Permit Holders and associated persons.
09/05/2018 SR-C2-2018-019  SR-C2-2018-019 - Proposal to expand the types of messages that users may submit into bulk order ports.
09/04/2018 SR-C2-2018-018  SR-C2-2018-018 - Proposal to amend rules related to the Fees Schedule.
05/18/2018 SR-C2-2018-011  SR-C2-2018-011 - Proposal to amend rules related to the Fees Schedule.
05/10/2018 SR-C2-2018-010 Withdrawn
05/07/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-040  SR-CBOE-2018-040 - Proposed rule change to modify criteria for listing an option on an underlying covered security.
05/02/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-038  SR-CBOE-2018-038 - Proposal to renew the Nonstandard Expirations pilot program.
05/02/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-036  SR-CBOE-2018-036 - Proposal to extend the operation of the SPXPM pilot program.
05/02/2018 SR-C2-2018-008  SR-C2-2018-008 - Proposal to amend rules related to the Fees Schedule.
05/01/2018 SR-C2-2018-007 Withdrawn
04/27/2018 SR-C2-2018-006  SR-C2-2018-006 - Proposal to amend the Fees Schedule in connection with the C2 Migration and adopt new connectivity fees.
04/27/2018 SR-C2-2018-005  SR-C2-2018-005 - Proposed rule change to amend rules in connection with the migration of C2 to Bats technology.
03/12/2018 SR-C2-2018-004  SR-C2-2018-004 - Proposal related to an inbound order router for C2 options.
02/15/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-018  SR-CBOE-2018-018 - Proposed rule change to permit listing of Monday SPY Expiration options.
01/31/2018 SR-C2-2018-003  SR-C2-2018-003 - Proposal to amend rules related to the Fees Schedule.
01/30/2018 SR-C2-2018-002  SR-C2-2018-002 - Proposal to amend the market data Fees Schedule.
01/18/2018 SR-C2-2018-001 Withdrawn
01/05/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-003  SR-CBOE-2018-003 - Proposed rule change to delete obsolete rules.
12/27/2017 SR-C2-2017-033  SR-C2-2017-033 - Proposed rule change related to stop orders.
12/15/2017 SR-C2-2017-032  SR-C2-2017-032 - Proposal to Extend Penny Pilot Program