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  • Why do I hear a clicking sound during the presentation?
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    You may hear a clicking sound in the player each time it refreshes. The sound is a function of the default settings in the Microsoft operating system and Internet Explorer. To turn this clicking sound off, follow the instructions listed in the help section within the webcast window.

  • I can't register or log in to a webcast. Why?
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    In order to register for or view our On Demand Webcasts, you must first sign in to your myCboe account here.

    Click on "Access Webcast Events" to be taken to our Webcast Portal. To register, simply click on "Register" below the title of the webcast.

    Once you've registered for an event, click on "Click Here to View Presentations". Next, click on "Launch" under the event title to view the desired webcast.

    If the information presented there does not solve the issue, please send us an e-mail.

  • I can't see or hear the webcast. Why?
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    First, please view the system requirements needed to view a Cboe webcast, then test your system on our Troubleshooting page.

    If the information presented there does not solve the issue, please please send us an e-mail.

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