• Fill 'Er Up... No, Just Check the Oil

    Fill 'Er Up... No, Just Check the Oil

    Last week I did something I haven’t done for 5 years; I filled my gas tank for under $3 gallon. This got me to thinking about ways to lock in current prices without pumping and storing hundreds of gallons of explosive liquids in my garage. We know the cliché, “there’s an app for that!” the same can be said for ETFs, “there’s an ETF for that!”. Doing a quick search for Exchange Traded Fund and “unleaded fuel” I found the UGA the United States[...]

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    Performance Divergence Among Asian ETFs

    Performance Divergence Among Asian ETFs

    One of the nice things about ETFs is the broad diversity they offer in terms of exposure to a vast variety of stock sectors within the US -- but they also have exposure to a growing number of international countries (and in some cases, multiple choices within a single country or region), commodities, currencies, volatility, bonds, etc.  All of which can be traded in a single brokerage account (or brokerage retirement account).  In general, we tend to look for outperforming and underperforming[...]