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    Weekly Market Commentary 4.24.15

    Weekly Market Commentary 4.24.15

    Both bulls and bears are frustrated by recent action. Most recently, $SPX has made repeated attempts to challenge the all-time highs, but it has not yet been able to break out.  There is resistance in the 2110- 2120 area that has contained all advances. In any case, the $SPX chart is still neutral until it breaks out of the triangle in a convincing way. Equity-only put-call ratios have been bullish since around the first of the month. But this week, they began to curl upwards -- a move which[...]

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    Market Breadth Indicators: An Important Measure of Sentiment

    Market Breadth Indicators:  An Important Measure of Sentiment

    Market breadth is simply how many stocks are being bought vs being sold and how much volume is behind it.  Breadth is an ideal temperature gauge of the market's health at any point in time, and like most indicators is a current read of where price action is likely headed.  Basically, this is not where the money is flowing but what direction (in or out).  Coupled with other sentiment tools such as put/call ratio, volatility index, rydex ratio and polls we can get a very accurate idea[...]