Shawn Howell

Shawn Howell is an accomplished speaker, trader, author, and educator, having presented to hundreds of audiences throughout North America. He is a CBOE Master Instructor and serves as the primary educator for E*Trade. Shawn regularly presents with the CBOE, NYSE, NASDAQ OMC the Options Industry Council, and many other industry icons. As an expert in the use of various financial instruments, Shawn teaches skill based technical trading strategies designed to consistently outperform the market while mitigating risk. Popular topics include: High Probability Trading with Options, Exchange Traded Funds for Every Market and Options for Income. Over the past two decades, he has held executive positions with some of the financial industry’s leading brokerage and training firms including Charles Schwab, Investools and Thinkorswim Group.

  • Fill 'Er Up... No, Just Check the Oil

    Fill 'Er Up... No, Just Check the Oil

    Last week I did something I haven’t done for 5 years; I filled my gas tank for under $3 gallon. This got me to thinking about ways to lock in current prices without pumping and storing hundreds of gallons of explosive liquids in my garage. We know the cliché, “there’s an app for that!” the same can be said for ETFs, “there’s an ETF for that!”. Doing a quick search for Exchange Traded Fund and “unleaded fuel” I found the UGA the United States[...]