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    35 Years of S&P 500 Index Options Trading at Cboe

    35 Years of S&P 500 Index Options Trading at Cboe

    Ten years after creating the listed options market in 1973, Cboe revolutionized the financial world once again with the introduction of options on broad-based stock indexes.  On July 1, 1983, Cboe launched trading on S&P 500 Index options (SPX).  In 35 years, Cboe’s SPX options have grown from a modest beginning to the most-actively traded index option in the U.S.         Despite less-than-impressive early volumes – a mere 350 contracts traded[...]

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    Trading Lessons: The Mountain Top Is Lonely

    Trading Lessons:  The Mountain Top Is Lonely

    This story is part III of my trading lessons series. I've been to the top of what is called 'trading nirvana', a place where I thought I would have plenty of company. Back in my early trading days, I thought there was nothing bad that could touch me. As you recall from a previous article where I turned a small sum of 7K into a nice amount over half a million in just a few years. This was 'it' for me, and while it was far from a fortune I could live on the rest of my days, I certainly believed it[...]

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    Trading Lesson 2: The 90's Were Alive

    Trading Lesson 2:  The 90's Were Alive

    Time for another trading lesson.  Back in 1996 I took a job with Sunkist Growers as their Pension and Investments Manager.  I was hired to manage pension assets for a mature fund.  By mature this means there were many beneficiaries drawing monthly pensions, and as the company had been around 100 years the plan was old, I was charged with stepping up the pace of returns relative to the minimum required contribution by the company owners. The 90's were a time when markets started to[...]

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    VIX Network Discussion at FIA Boca

    VIX Network Discussion at FIA Boca

    Yesterday afternoon at the 41st Annual International Futures Industry Conference in Boca Raton, CBOE and S&P Dow Jones Indices teamed up for a session highlighting the growing use of VIX around the world. Reid Steadman from S&P Dow Jones Indices offered a brief welcome address where he noted the various markets where participants have access to a consistent measure of implied volatility.  He underscored that a wide variety of equity markets including India, Australia,[...]

  • CBOE Memories | Mar 7, 2016, 9:14 AM

    Trading Memories, Part 1

    Trading Memories, Part 1

    With the passion I have for trading, I remember many seminal events in my trading career. These memories run along the spectrum of the best wins to the most awful losses. I remember things that happened years ago with pinpoint accuracy, not because I like to reminisce over past glories or failures, rather these are embedded in my memory bank so I do not make the same mental mistakes twice. Let’s face it: trading is so much a mental game. We can overthink a situation to the point where we can[...]