The Weekly News Roundup is your weekly recap of CBOE features, options industry news and VIX and volatility-related articles from print, broadcast and online and social media outlets.

There’s a “Best App” For That On Wednesday, CBOE Mobile was named “Best Mobile Application” at the fourth annual Wall Street Letter Institutional Trading Awards.  Since launching just a couple of months ago, there have been more than 17,000 downloads and/or updates of CBOE Mobile.

“The Top Five Reasons CBOE Mobile Has Been Named Best App” – CBOE Options Hub

Download at the app at:

Complimenting Your VIX FIX Following the successful implementation of expanded trading hours in VIX futures, CBOE looks to further expand access to its marketplace with the expected launch of extended trading hours for VIX and SPX options in March.

“CBOE Set to Expand VIX and SPX Options Trading Hours in Early March” – CBOE Press Release

“VIX All-Nighters: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” – Adam Warner, Schaeffer’s Investment Research

Options Does a Portfolio Good More than four decades since their inception, experts still see room for growth as an increasing number of financial advisors are turning to options as an efficient hedging tool.

“Financial Advisors Set to Increase Use of Options in 2015” – Daniel O’Leary, EQDerivatives

The Uncertainty of Volatility Volatility across all asset classes continues to whipsaw.  Pundits have been paying close attention to not only the VIX Index, but the CBOE Oil VIX (OVX) and CBOE Gold VIX (GVZ).

“For a Market That Relishes Certainty, More Volatility” – Kate Gibson, CNBC

“Short-Termers Welcome Rising Volatility” – Jamie Chisholm, Financial Times

VIDEO “Is the VIX Signaling a Buy Sign?” – CNBC Options Action

VIX Get Together (CBOE RMC) Register now for CBOE’s Risk Management Conference, the premier educational forum for users of equity derivatives and volatility products.  Register before February 13 and save $775.  Visit for more information.

“Day One Agenda: CBOE Risk Management Conference, March 4th”– Marty Kearney, CBOE Options Hub

“Day Two Agenda: CBOE Risk Management Conference March 5th”– Marty Kearney, CBOE Options Hub

“Day Three Agenda: CBOE Risk Management Conference March 6th” – Marty Kearney, CBOE Options Hub