Today the new nearby VIX® Weeklys futures (ticker “31VX/Q5,” with an August 5 expiration) rose about 7% and had a daily settlement value of 15.325.

Here is a screenshot of the delayed quotes table at 3:28 pm CT today - 2. VIX Fut quotes table July 27

The detailed futures quote table below showed expiration dates, prices, and volumes for VIX futures with the new Weeklys expirations and standard expirations.   1 - VIX Weeklys July 27

Investors with Bloomberg terminals can see detailed VIX futures information at the Bloomberg page at “VIX <Index> CT.”

Earlier today a news item in the Wall Street Journal noted that --

“China Stocks Record Largest One-Day Drop in Eight Years. Stocks in Shanghai recorded their sharpest daily declines since 2007, as worries mount that authorities are pulling back on measures to prop up the market.  The Shanghai Composite Index ended down 8.5% …”


In future months it is expected that there will be more expirations for VIX futures and options, with the expected convergence of VIX futures to the cash settlement price available four to five times a month instead of once a month. The addition of weekly expirations to standard monthly futures and options expirations offers volatility exposures that more precisely track the performance of the VIX Index. By ‘filling the gaps’ between monthly expirations, investors may obtain new opportunities to establish short-term VIX positions, and fine-tune the timing of their hedging and trading activities.


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