A person who takes an opposing view. One who rejects the majority opinion as in economic matters.

What an emotional business this is. The uneasy market sell-off continued today with option implied volatility climbing higher. Radio and TV experts have no problem pumping fear into the average investor’s head. Fright sells. RIP Wes Craven.

New traders make the big mistake of watching and listening for every clue to help them place the perfect trade. Only to fill their heads and lead them on with too many opinions to sort through that they feel too handcuffed to place a trade.

Market moments like today create great opportunity. While others are buying puts I have been selling puts inflated by a downward market and increased volatility. Most of the time for income but on stocks I wouldn’t mind owning that I believe are “on sale”.

Factual information from the media is always welcome. A spirited market discussion you may have with others is too. But when it comes down to forecasting or following the herd don’t let anyone lead you on. May the next voice you hear be your own. Be a contrarian.