One the best parts of my job as Director of Education at The Options Institute is getting to attend each of the Risk Management Conferences offered by CBOE.  Back in the Fall the running theme at both the European and Asian versions of RMC seemed to be how the markets were shifting from a low to high volatility regime.  Early 2016 price action has confirmed this.

There are five things that have me particularly excited about heading to Bonita Springs, FL next week for the 32nd Annual RMC Conference in the US.

1) First and foremost I look forward to hearing how traders and portfolio managers have been approaching the markets in 2016.  At the Asian RMC conference late last year one strategist stated that making forecasts for 2016 was one of the most difficult tasks he had faced in his career.  There are many things about the markets that have made 2016 a unique year for the markets and RMC will be a great place to hear how market participants have been dealing with it.

2) CBOE often announces new product initiatives at RMC when either Ed Tilly or Ed Provost gives the welcome address to kick off the first day.  The information is embargoed until then and I find out what’s new along with everyone else.  Ed Provost, President and COO at CBOE Holdings will offer the Welcome and CBOE Update address which I’m sure will lead to things that I will dive into almost immediately following his presentation.

3) Leo de Bever, PhD will be giving the keynote address on Tuesday morning with a discussion titled Long-Termism:  An Opportunity Work Seizing.  Until December 2014 de Bever was the CEO for the Alberta Investment Management Corporation.  Some of my academic work is centered on focusing on longer term investment results and trying to filter out the noise of short term market swings.  I hope to gain some insights from this discussion.  Also, as a side note, I am not alone among people at CBOE that are excited about this pending keynote address.

4) As I make this list I continue to go through the schedule and cannot narrow down the list of presentations.  I’m just going to say I’m just looking forward to every presentation I will get to attend.  I can’t clone myself, so I will miss presentations when we split into two tracks.  I have a game plan where I will be able to get color on the presentations I miss from Mark Sebastian of Option Pit who will be covering Risk Management for

5) Finally, we have to include the weather.  An early look shows 75 and sunny in Bonita Spring for all three days of RMC.  Although my free time is limited with blogging and tweeting along with CBOE-TV and Option Insider Radio Network duties, I do plan on trying to spend at least a few minutes outdoors.  For the golfers attending Wednesday afternoon looks like it will be perfect for networking and getting in a round of golf.

If you want to participate there is still time to register for CBOE’s Risk Management Conference.  Check out for all the details about speakers, the venue, and how to attend in person.