Over the weekend I noticed the headlines regarding Brexit.  It appears the polls are starting to point to a shift in sentiment with respect to Britain exiting the EU. Those leaning toward leaving seem to slightly outnumber those who consider staying in the EU a good idea. To see how the situation looks from a social media standpoint I asked the guys at Social Market Analytics for a quick update.

This first graph shows that over the last 24 hours 213,595 tweets have included the hashtag #brexit – this is about three times the traffic we noted in a blog late last week. Of those tweets exactly 42,100 also included the hashtag #voteleave with 9,576 commenting in hashtag speak #leaveeu. #remain (15,354) and #strongerin (10,927) total about half as many as the tags saying let’s go on our own.

Brexit 06132016



The results for those using #eureferendum when discussing Brexit show a similar leaning toward getting out. In the past 24 hours there are 58,185 uses of #eureferendum with #voteleave (7,238) the most common tag after #brexit. Those using the hastag #eureferendum seem to lean toward staying in as #voteremain, #remain, and #strongerin all show up on the table below.

EURef 06132016

Finally, the most popular tweet on this topic is more humorous than informative, but still worth sharing.


There is still over a week until the vote and it appears the vote may be too tough to call until the polls close. As we move closer to election day I’ll keep getting updates from SMA and sharing them in this space. If you are curious about Social Market Analytics you can always visit them at www.socialmarketanalytics.com