The Weekly News Roundup is your weekly recap of CBOE features, options industry news and VIX Index and volatility-related articles from print, broadcast, online and social media outlets.

 VIX Futures Hits Its Note The CBOE Futures Exchange (CFE) announced today that VIX Futures hit a new record during its DSC_0368extended hours trading session following the announcement of a British exit from the European Union. An estimated  235,000 contracts changed hands, surpassing its previous record of 140,811 contracts set in August 2015.  VIX futures trade nearly 24 hours a day, five days a week, with the extended trading hour session designed to allow overseas investors access to volatility products in real time as events like “Brexit” unfold.   For more information see Press Release.

Once Upon A Time CBOE has a unique story that sets it apart from other financial exchanges and allows it to remain at the forefront of technological innovation with the creation of new products that give investors the ability to better target hedging activities.  There are many chapters to this story and most recently, CBOE partnered with Social Market Analytics (SMA) to create actionable sentiment-based social media analytics for markets measurement. See what happens when CBOE’s Russell Rhoads applies this social sentiment to the Brexit phenomena on the Options Hub.

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VIX FIX – BREXIT DID IT!!! Investors were greeted this morning with the historic news that the U.K. voted to leave the European Union, creating a global free fall throughout Markets.   The Dow Jones Industrial 20160624_083353Average opened approximately 500 points lower; meanwhile, the VIX steadily rose throughout the week in anticipation of more volatile markets, now up 47% on the week.  For now, it seems market bears have come roaring out of hibernation.

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