Independence Day is just around the corner which means I’m starting to look forward to my Fall travel schedule. Two of the things I get to do (I say this as I consider it a great perk of my job) is attend CBOE’s Risk Management conferences in Europe and Asia. The European version is scheduled for September 26 – 28 when we return to the Powerscourt Hotel in County Wicklow outside of Dublin Ireland. Today I learned that the keynote speaker will be Jim VandeHei who was a co-founder of Politico.

We were fortunate to have Jim speak at the US version of CBOE’s RMC Conference back in March. The timing was perfect then as he addressed the conference the day after Super Tuesday primary day where he declared that Trump would be the Republican nominee and he even noted it is possible that Trump could be elected President while acknowledging Clinton seemed to be set to win.

His address in Europe will be very timely as well as it will come just weeks before the US Presidential election. For more information or to register to attend any version of CBOE’s Risk Management Conference click on this link –