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Live With Livevol CBOE hosted the “Professional Traders Summit” this week, featuring options industry Catherineprofessionals discussing various trading strategies. During the event, CBOE’s Catherine Clay, Vice President, Business Development, provided a live demo of Livevol X, a next-generation execution platform that integrates advanced trading capabilities and complex risk analytics.  For more information on CBOE Livevol options analytics and data tools, visit

VIX FIX As summer temperatures heat up, stocks are sizzling with the Dow in record-setting territory and volatility evaporating with the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) breaking a two-year low, closing at 11.77 on Wednesday.  Skeptics of the market rally remain cool, however, leery of an inevitable correction in the near future.

“The VIX is at its Lowest Point in a Year – But Don’t Get Complacent Just Yet” – Akane Otani, Wall Street Journal

“The VIX is Crazy Low; Time to Run for Cover?” – Chris Dieterich, Barron’s

“Bull and Bear Take on the Low VIX” – Jamie Chisholm, Financial Times

“Dormant VIX Belies Options Bonanza for Bets on Earnings Swings” – Joseph Ciolli and Bailey Lipschultz, Bloomberg

“Why is Everyone so Vexed About the VIX?” -  Helene Meisler, The Street

“VIX Falling, Volatility Falling, Understanding Froth, Where We Are” – Jack Steiman,

VIDEO “No Fear: Here’s Why the VIX has Cratered” CNBC Air Date: 7/18/16 2:50 p.m.