On Monday, October 24, Admiral sent out a call spread on Lockheed Martin in anticipation of a bullish Earnings Report due PreMarket on October 25.


The DEC 240/245 call spread was filled @ $1.24.


Lockheed Martin announced 3rd Quarter Profit earnings of $3.61 per share on Revenue of $11.6 Billion and easily beat the estimates.

Being in profit with more than 150%, Admiral had  the order ready to sell at the open, which was filled @ $3.10, not bad for a one day trade.  As for Maury, since he knows Admiral's trades are not something you can afford to ignore, he mirrored Admiral's trade and booked a tidy profit. Now Maury can go back to being Maury again, trying to get anything for free, or buy it below cost.

Maury will always be Maury and @Admiral_SPO will always be the one to follow, when it comes to beating Casino Royale at its own game, while keeping Maury’s pockets full of shekels!