Shares of Kate Spade (KATE) made a mid-day headline grabbing move as news came out saying the company was considering putting itself up for sale.  A couple of things happened before the news that have people talking.  The first was in the option market where a few minutes before the stock rallied there were a few very well timed call option purchases.  The time and sales below highlights some of the bigger trades from today.


Data Source: LiveVol Pro

The buy of just under 2,000 KATE Jan 20th 16 Calls for 0.40 really got a lot of attention.  However, there was a big buyer of the Jan 20th 12 Calls and 17 Calls as well before the stock took off.

When we get a big piece of news that moves a stock higher (or lower) during the day, I look at the option activity, but I also look to Twitter to see if any rumors were showing up in social media before the stock price move.  Luckily CBOE has a strong relationship with Social Market Analytics (SMA) as we have created an index that tracks the performance of a strategy associated with one of SMA’s scoring methods.

SMA compiles various data with respect to quantifying Twitter sentiment.  The stat that made the most sense to look into today was a metric that is referred to as an S-Score which quantifies real time sentiment.  To simplify things, an S-Score over 2.00 indicates bullish sentiment is abounding with respect to a stock.  Today the S-Score for shares of KATE moved over 2.00 after the option trading activity commenced, but before the stock reacted to the news.  The chart below contains 1-minute S-Score and 1-minute KATE share price data from 11:10 am to noon Chicago time.


At 11:22 Chicago time buyers started to show up for call options based on shares of KATE.  At 11:25 the S-Score for shares of KATE quickly moved over 2.00.  Finally, at about 11:33, shares of KATE quickly rallied from the mid-14 level to over 17.  There was a decent time gap between the option trade and the spike in S-Score before shares of KATE took off.  Stated differently, an astute market observer watching option activity and/or a sentiment indicator like SMA’s S-Score would have had over 10 minutes to put on a position if they felt the option trades and move up in sentiment were a precursor to something bullish for shares of KATE.

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