Facebook Bull Put Spread

With FB trading at 151.95 someone sold 200 FB Jun 30th 152.50 Puts for 2.44 and bought the FB Jun 30th 146.00 Puts for 0.60 and a net credit of 1.84.  A quick summary appears in the video below.


At expiration the net result with FB above 152.50 would be a profit of 1.84, equal to the credit taken in on the trade.  The worst case scenario is a loss of 4.66 and this trade has a break-even of 150.66. 

FB Payoff


Other trades of note:

With Bank of America (BAC) at 23.80, a trader entered into a Bull Call Spread. They bought the Sept 15th 22/26 Call spread for 1.99. This traded 2,380 times.

With PowerShares QQQ ETF (QQQ) at 140.22, a trader entered into a Diagonal Spread. Specifically, they bought the Jun 23rd 141.50 strike calls at 39 cents and sold the Jun 30th 142.00 Calls for 60 cents. This traded 2,000 times and resulted in a net debit of 21 cents.

With FedEx (FDX) at 210.65, a trader entered into a Calendar Spread, selling 1,500 lot Jun 23rd 217.50 strike calls and buying 1,500 lot Jul 21st 217.50 strike calls. This trade resulted in a net cost of 1.25.

When iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond (HYG) was trading at 88.44, a trader entered into what appears to be either a Bullish Risk Reversal or possibly a Collar. Specifically, this trader sold the Sept 15th 90 Calls and bought the Sept 15th 81 Puts for a net cost of 10 cents.

With the Russell 2000 Index (RUT) trading at 1412.50 one trader executed a Bull Put Spread. Specifically they sold the RUT Jul 21st 1250 Puts for 1.44 and bought the 1220 Puts at 1.09, which generated a net credit of 35 cents.

With iPath® S&P 500 VIX ST Futures™ ETN (VXX) trading at 12.68, one trader bought 3,500 Sept 15th 31 strike calls for 64 cents. No spread occurred.

Increased Volume Activity:

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