The S&P 500 gained 2.6% to begin 2018.  VIX and the VIX futures curve reacted as one would expect with a dramatic drop in spot VIX and the futures following suit to a lesser extent. 

VIX Futures Curve 01052018

Four seconds into the new year and the first sizable VIX trade was executed in the VIX pit.  With spot VIX at 10.90 and the January standard (1/17) future at 11.35 there was a buyer of 500 VIX Jan 17th 19.00 Puts for 7.86 who then sold 500 VIX Jan 17th 9.50 Puts for 0.07. The net cost is 7.79 and a trade that makes money with January standard VIX settlement below 11.21.  Profits are capped at 1.71 with VIX settlement at 9.50 or lower. 

VIX PO 01052018