Programs for Institutional Investors

Build Your Company By Implementing a Corporate Financial Strategy

As regulations and laws change, institutional investors are faced with a broadening array of financial product offerings. If you are a mutual fund manager, investment banker, commercial banker, trust operations staff member, pension fund advisor, financial writer, or other financial professional, the Options Institute offers programs that increase your understanding of options and how risk management, identification, and control are key elements in portfolio management.

Our Approach

At the Institute, we use a building block approach -

  • Learn about the individual elements of options.
  • Construct options strategies.
  • Discuss how to use options strategies to reach financial goals.

Instructors do not suggest an "appropriate" strategy, but encourage participants to use what they learned to tailor strategies based on their own financial goals.

Customized Classes

With our extensive resources in the financial industry and academia, the Institute can tailor the course curriculum to meet your training needs. Program topics have included:

  • What options are, how they trade and how they are priced
  • Different options strategies to achieve a variety of investment goals
  • Practical applications of options use through the case study method, to move from the theory of the classroom to the "real world"
  • How to monitor and evaluate options use
  • The best ways to effectively communicate your options strategies to others

Meet Regulation Requirements

The Options Institute also offers instruction to regulators and compliance personnel.