Programs for Retail Brokers

Build Your Business by Helping Your Customers

The Options Institute's programs provide brokers with the business tools needed to develop new prospects and strengthen existing client relationships. By understanding how to implement an options strategy, brokers can mitigate a client's portfolio risk.

Course Goals

The Options Institute classes are designed to help brokers create a solid knowledge of options fundamentals and pricing. Ultimately, brokers should be able to determine an options strategy and manage their clients' options positions. Specifically, we teach brokers how to:

  • Cope with changing market conditions
  • Adjust positions
  • Educate clients about options strategies


Course Options

Online Courses

Whether you are new to investing or a seasoned professional, these fee-based interactive courses explore in-depth options concepts and test your knowledge.

Firm-Sponsored Customized Programs
The Institute works with firms to customize a curriculum. The sponsoring firm can also integrate members of its staff to discuss firm-related topics and options-related services that the firm provides.

Client Education
The Institute can customize existing educational programs and deliver them to brokerage firm clients across the country.