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Introduction to Options Basics

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Course Overview:

If you are new to options, you may have heard that they are inherently risky or only for speculation, however options can be used in nearly every investing situation. This module will teach you the unique attributes of options as well as how to adopt a new thinking process that using options requires.

Trading options is different than trading stocks, but it doesn't have to be worrisome. Remember that having a balanced, diverse portfolio is one of the most important ways you can protect your investments. Using options is simply another way of broadening your investing opportunities.

Course Outline:

Overview and Options Basics

Basics of Call Options
  • Definitions
  • Why buy a call?
  • Risks
Basics of Put Options
  • Definitions
  • Why buy a put?
  • Risks
Open Interest, Long and Short Positions
  • Definitions
  • Open Interest/Position Summary Charts
Communication of an Option Order
  • Required Elements
  • Opening Purchase
  • Opening Sale
  • Closing Purchase
  • Closing Sale
Intrinsic Value, Time Value and Parity
  • Definitions

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