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Investment Strategies

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Course Overview:

Options are a commonly misunderstood investment vehicle. In this module, The Options Institute focuses on the real uses of options through several types of investing strategies. Whether you are a conservative or speculative investor, or if you're bullish, bearish or neutral on the market as a whole or just on a particular stock, there is an options strategy to suit your needs.

Course Outline:

Buying Stock with Limited Risk

  • What is your need?
  • Strategy
  • Profit/Loss Diagram
  • Possible Outcomes
  • Risk

Buy a Stock Now, Pay Later

  • What is your need?
  • Strategy - Buy a Call, Buy a T-Bill
  • Strategy - Buy a Long-term Call

Target a Lower Purchase Price

  • What is your need?
  • Strategy - Sell a cash-secured put
  • Profit/Loss Diagram
  • Possible Outcomes

Target a Higher Selling Price

  • What is your need?
  • Strategy - Selling calls
  • Possible Outcomes

Covered Writing

  • What is your need?
  • Strategy - Buy/Write
  • Profit/Loss Diagram
  • Estimating Potential Returns
  • Important factors to consider

Lowering the Cost of Insurance

  • What is your need?
  • Strategy - Collar
  • Profit/Loss Diagram
  • Possible Outcomes

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