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Options Warm-up

Continuing Education Credit:
0 hours

Course Expiration:
Course access expires 12 weeks from date of registration

Cost: Free

Course Overview:

In this 2-part course we cover the fundamentals of options. Learn basic option terminology in The Language of Options and discover how options function in Options' Mechanics.

Course Outline:

The Language of Options

  • Class, Series, Type
  • Long and Short
  • Expiration Cycles and Strike Price Intervals
  • LEAPS Expirations
  • Strike Price Intervals
  • Paying for Options, Margining Short Positions
  • Exercise and Assignment
  • American and European Style Options

Options' Mechanics

  • Volume, Open Interest
  • Bid - Ask
  • Types of Orders
  • Option Quotes: Nickels, Dimes and maybe Pennies
  • Symbol Guides
  • LEAPS Symbols
  • Impact of Stock Splits on Options

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