CSMI Cboe Streaming Market Data for Indices

About CSMI

This service consists of approximately 300 index values offered by Standard & Poors and Cboe, including SPX and VIX spot. Streaming data is available through either Cboe's Financial Network (CFN) or most large industry vendors. Most index values are updated every 15 seconds during trading hours.

Fees are:

  • Annual Administrative Fee: $1,600 annually (waived for enterprise customers)
  • Delayed Open Website Fee: $60 per month
  • Current Data User Fee: $2.50 per authorized user/non-display per month
  • Metered User Fee: $.01 per snapshot quote
  • Delayed User or End of Day User Fee: $0.75 per terminal per month
  • Delayed User Mobile Device Fee: $0.25 per mobile device per month
  • Delayed Elevator Fee: $0.25 per elevator per month
  • Delayed Automobile Fee: $0.25 per automobile per month
  • Delayed User/End of Day/Mobile User/Elevator/Automobile Cap Fee: $2,500 per month
  • Service Facilitator Fee: $1,600 annually
  • Delayed, End-of-Day or Current Data Hosted Solutions Fee: $60 per month
  • Enterprise User for Hosted Solutions Fee: $6,000 per month for unlimited hosted solutions
  • TV Display Fee: $1,200 per station per month

Direct Data Feed Connectivity Fee:$1,000 per line per month.

This fee is payable by all Customers that receive the raw data feed through a direct or indirect connection to CDS. If the connection is in place during any portion of a month, the fee for the entire month will be billed.

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Mailing address:

Attn: Ginny Kowalczyk
400 S. LaSalle Street
Chicago, IL 60605