Real-time European Equity Indices across 15 markets

Cboe Europe offers 59 indices across 15 markets, including single country and regional indices, that provide a cost-effective solution for market participants looking for real-time, high quality index data.

All Cboe Europe Indices have the same rules, methodology, and pricing and corporate action data – making them ideal for precise comparison, trading and trend analysis.

One simple licence covers all of Europe, offering extended rights to affiliates and clients at greatly reduced costs.

Cboe Europe Indices are:

  • Comparable across markets, geographies and sectors and between large and small cap
  • Highly-correlated to incumbent benchmarks providing replacement opportunities
  • Calculated and disseminated in Real-time
  • EU Benchmark Regulated
  • Based on fully transparent rules, fees and contracts
  • A solution to meeting forthcoming FRTB and Article 28 requirements
  • Provide a flexible licence structure which includes fee waivers for benchmarking vendors and media clients

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Brexit Barometer Indices

The Brexit 50/50 Indices are designed to reflect the impact of Brexit on UK companies.

These two indices are designed to act as barometers for assessing how Brexit is impacting UK companies by analysing the difference in performance between those with the largest and smallest proportion of GBP revenue.
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Visit our document library for full information on rules and methodology, licenses, price list and specifications.

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