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Highly Correlated with Better Design

The Cboe Europe Equity Benchmarks are highly correlated with comparable benchmarks that investors use every day. The Equity Benchmarks provide accurate and reliable index data. Key design components are detailed below.

  • Transparency:  Unlike some other index providers, we publish the rules and calculation methodology behind our indexes.
  • Based at 10,000: A base value of 10,000 from 31 December 2010 makes the performance of markets and sectors easy to compare.
  • Accessing the indexes: Our greatly simplified index licensing and reduced costs have significantly increased the distribution of our real-time index data via broker and media websites.
  • Consistency: Our pan-European approach allows for comparable benchmarks across Europe for the first time. Unlike current benchmarks, all the Equity Benchmarks will be created with the same methodology.

Remarkable European Coverage

Our European index business was launched in June 2016 and now offers 57 indexes (calculated in both price and net total return) across 18 countries, pan-European and Eurozone regions, Brexit and sector indexes.

High-Quality, Pan-European Data

The European benchmarks are calculated using data from Cboe Europe—the European arm of Cboe Global Markets, a leading financial markets operator. More than a quarter of all European trading occurs on Cboe's European equities exchange across the 15 markets it covers. All of the European benchmarks are valued using the trading taking place on its exchange with the exception of the Cboe UK Alternative 100 which uses NEX Exchange data.

The quality of the stock prices used to calculate the indexes are better than or equal to the national market in the most active stocks most of the time*

*Data from LiquidMetrix


Complete List of Cboe Europe Equity Benchmarks