Cboe Europe Equity Benchmarks FAQ

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  • How do I know the indices are accurate?
  • How many/what indices has Cboe Europe launched?
  • What are the Brexit 50/50 indices?
  • Why can the Brexit 50/50 indices be considered as benchmarks for Brexit?
  • Why is Cboe Europe partnering with FactSet for the Brexit 50/50 indices?
  • What do you mean by ‘real time’ index values?
  • When are the Equity Benchmarks rebalanced?
  • How closely do the Cboe Europe Equity Benchmarks track their peers?
  • Why is Cboe Europe using its own prices to value its indices?
  • How much historical data is available?
  • Cboe Europe does not have an opening and closing auction so how will its indices calculate open and closing values?
  • Will you launch derivatives on these indices?
  • Is Cboe Europe regulated as a Benchmark Administrator under the EU Benchmarks Regulation?