E-FLEX Resources & Specifications

How to Access E-FLEX Trade Information

The following quote vendors currently display on-line updates of FLEX information. Each terminal currently enabled for options data will display FLEX information. The format currently provided by vendors includes RFQs, quotes and prices in a news headline format.

Bloomberg Financial Markets:

  • Type FLEX[Go] for page display of all FLEX messages for all exchanges.
  • Type FLXD[Go] to filter messages displayed by FLEX [Go] function. User may select type and/or exchange.
  • For customer support, hit the help (?) button twice on your keypad and send a message.

ILX Systems:

  • Available through the Market Pulse/Business Pulse display.
  • Use [F12] for Market Pulse page. Enter FLEX on command line to view all FLEX messages for all exchanges.
  • [Enter] must be used for updated information once page has been accessed.
  • For customer support, call (800) 654-5657.

FLEX Abbreviations on Terminal Screens

  • ADM    Administrative text message
  • AMR/AMER    American-style exercise
  • CLS    Quote to be based on closing value of stock
  • CMBO    Order is combination with standard option contract
  • EUR    European-style exercise
  • HDG    E-FLEX transaction contingent upon transaction in a security listed on another exchange
  • IND    Indicative quote
  • LIVE QTE    Quote to be based on current value of underlying stock
  • LST    Execution of referenced RFQ
  • QTE    Best market quote for referenced RFQ
  • RFQ (#)     Request For Quote (assigned number)
  • SPRD    Spread, etc., transaction
  • STDL     Straddle
  • STRANGLE    Strangle

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