Using Cboe Equity FLEX® Options

The Many Possibilities.
An expansion of opportunities -- that's one of the prime benefits of FLEX Options -- to provide new ways to fine tune option strategies and more precisely target trading objectives. FLEX Options provide new power and versatility to virtually every option strategy.

Here's a brief look at some of the many possibilities:

  • Large stockholders can effectively close their positions with lower market impact by selling customized calls that have been created as part of an exit strategy.
  • Institutions can amplify protection for their stock holdings by buying customized puts, limiting downside risk and taking advantage of expanded position limits.
  • Investors can establish a synthetic short stock position by simultaneously buying customized puts and selling customized calls, avoiding early stock recalls and dividend payment concerns.
  • Investors can establish a synthetic long stock position -- at a lower cash outlay than an actual stock purchase -- by simultaneously selling customized puts and buying customized calls.
  • Corporate stock repurchase programs can now sell customized puts creating the potential to buy back stock at a predetermined price while generating additional income.

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