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Investor Training Camp

Team Warm-up Pre-event: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 | Wrigley Field

Covering the Bases 1-Day Seminar: Thursday, June 14 , 2012 | CBOE

Heavy hitting names in investing - Investor's Business Daily® and the Chicago Board Options Exchange®- are bringing together their "power play" investment tools and "scoring" knowledge of the options market to offer you this doubleheader Investor Training Camp. Learn how to work on your "batting swing" when you're up to the plate by properly constructing productive, risk-managed trades and dynamic option strategies using fact based rules instead of "game day" emotion which may help you to build wealth and secure your future!

You'll "warm-up" with the rest of the team on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at Wrigley Field with a coveted seat to the Cubs vs. Detroit Tigers 7:05 game --- and earn bragging rights because you were there! Get acquainted with your base coaches, Chris Gessel, Executive Editor at Investor's Business Daily, Tim Reazor, Director of IBD's Meetup Investor Education and Russell Rhoads, Instructor at The Options Institute at CBOE. They'll get you in "scoring position" and disclose the game plan for our "Covering the Bases" 1-day seminar on Thursday, June 14, 2012 at CBOE.

Now, we don't mean to throw you a curve ball, but our Investor Training Camp is really a "wind-up pitch" for our "World Series" elite 2-day investment program launching in Fall 2012. And, as an invested player of our team, you'll get a "walk" to advance to our "World Series" elite investment program --- meaning we'll take your paid fee for Investor Training Camp and take that off your admission price to the "World Series." Now, that's a real game changer, huh?

What Does Investor Training Camp Include?

  • Game ticket Chicago Cubs vs. Detroit Tigers*
    Online attendees receive souvenir backpack with CBOE goodies!
  • 1-day of investment & strategy education
  • Tour of CBOE Trading Floor --- priceless!!
  • eIBD 12 month subscription --- $259 value
  • Bestseller - How to Make Money in Stocks
  • Free attendance at Level 1 IBD Forum --- $99 value
  • Meetup® discussion board to network with team



Meet Our Professional Educators

Jim Bittman

Director of Program Development
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Jim Bittman

Russell Rhoads, CFA

Instructor and Content Developer
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Russell Rhoads, CFA

IBD Instructors

Chris Gessel

Executive Editor and Chief Strategy Officer of Investor's Business Daily
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Chris Gesssl

Timothy J. Reazor

Director of Investor's Business Daily's Meetup Investor Education
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Timothy J. Reazor

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*CBOE will not provide any refund to registrants for the amount of the ticket in the event that the Cubs game is cancelled or postponed.

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