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VIX Futures and Options

VIX - CBOE Volatility Index  
SPX 2065.81 13.06
VIX 13.48 -0.10
VIX/Z4 14.90 -0.25
VIX/F5 15.90 -0.15
VIX/G5 16.70 -0.05
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VIX Futures Prices

VIX futures have been offered on the CBOE Futures Exchange since 2004. The underlying value for the futures is based off the VIX index.

Current Prices for VIX Futures

Free delayed price quotes on VIX futures prices are available at the Price Quotes Help Page.
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Historical Prices for VIX Futures

In the price graph below, please note the fact that the VIX index often had much larger daily moves than did some of the futures contracts.

You can link to spreadsheets with VIX futures historical data on Daily Prices, Volume, and Open Interest by Contract Month.

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CBOE Volatility Index (VIX)