NDX Index - Background Information

Launched in January 1985, the Nasdaq-100 Index represents the largest and most active non-financial domestic and international issues listed on The Nasdaq Stock Market® based on market capitalization.

For a list of all 100 components of the Nasdaq-100, please visit here.

The Nasdaq-100 Index is calculated under a modified-capitalization-weighted methodology. The methodology is expected to retain in general the economic attributes of capitalization weighting while providing enhanced diversification. To accomplish this, Nasdaq will review the composition of the Nasdaq-100 Index on a quarterly basis and will adjust the weightings of Index components using a proprietary algorithm if certain pre-established weight distribution requirements are not met.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for inclusion in the Nasdaq-100 Index, a common security must be traded on the Nasdaq National Market tier of The Nasdaq Stock Market and meet several criteria, including the following:

  • the security must be of a non-financial company;
  • only one class of security per issuer is allowed;
  • the security may not be issued by an issuer currently in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • the security must have average daily trading volume of at least 100,000 shares;
  • if the security is of a foreign issuer, the company must have a world-wide market value of at least $10 billion, a U.S. market value of at least $4 billion, and average trading volume on The Nasdaq Stock Market of at least 200,000 shared per day; in addition, foreign securities must be eligible for listed-options trading.

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