Out-of-the-Money Bear Put Spread

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Out-of-the-Money Bear Put Spread

Example: The Cboe Volatility Index (VIX) is at 48.00 on weaker stock markets. VIX was trading under 40 less than 1 week ago.

Outlook: You expect VIX to fall on steadier markets and are looking for a low cost trade.

Possible strategy: Out-of-the-money Bear Put Spread

Buy 1 February 45 put at 3.60

Sell 1 February 40 put at 1.60

Net cost of 2.00 or $200.00.

*All values shown are at the time of expiration. Commissions and other trading fees not included.

Index ChangeVIX @ expirationLong 45 put valueShort 40 put valueSpread ValueSpread CostNet Profit/(Loss)

At Expiration:

  • *Unchanged:Loss of $200.00
  • **Maximum Loss:$200.00 if VIX > or = 45 (-6.25%)0
  • ***Break-even:VIX at 43.00 (-10.42%)
  • ****Maximum Gain: $300.00 if VIX < or = 40 (-16.67%)

In Summary: Purchase an out-of-the-money put spread for a cost of $200.00 (maximum risk) and with a maximum profit potential of $300 as a low cost trade to benefit from lower market volatility. Risk / reward ratio of 1 to 1.5