Courses are designed to teach participants how to meet their investment goals and include topics ranging from the basics of options to uses of advanced strategies.

Investing and Trading for College Students

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Chicago 08/04/2015

The Options Essentials

City Date Register
Online 05/27/2015
Online 08/26/2015
Online 12/02/2015

Options for Portfolio Management & Institutional Investors Course

City Date Register
Online 07/23/2015
Chicago 07/23/2015

Simply for Women

City Date Register
Chicago 07/30/2015
Online 07/30/2015
Chicago 10/22/2015
Online 10/22/2015

Simply the Basics

City Date Register
Online 08/05/2015
Online 11/04/2015

The Options Initiative

City Date Register
Online 09/10/2015
Chicago 09/10/2015

The Options Intensive

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Chicago 10/05/2015
Online 10/05/2015

The Options Extreme

City Date Register
Chicago 11/06/2015
Online 11/06/2015

Trade Smart, Trade Options

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Oak Brook 05/28/2015
Philadelphia 06/11/2015

Just a Tour

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Chicago 06/12/2015
Chicago 06/26/2015
Chicago 08/07/2015

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