Cboe Rule Filings

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Date Document Description
02/11/2019 SR-CBOE-2019-012  SR-CBOE-2019-012 - Proposal to amend its fees schedule.
02/07/2019 SR-CBOE-2019-011  SR-CBOE-2019-011 - Proposal to amend a Sector Index transaction fee.
02/01/2019 SR-CBOE-2019-006  SR-CBOE-2019-006 - Proposal to amend the MSCI LMM Fee Program.
02/01/2019 SR-CBOE-2019-008  SR-CBOE-2019-008 - Proposal to amend Order Routing Subsidy Program and Complex Order Routing Subsidy Program to exclude subsidy payments for contracts executed as Qualified Contingent Cross orders.
01/29/2019 SR-CBOE-2019-004  SR-CBOE-2019-004 - Proposal to amend its Fees Schedule relating to the Options Regulatory Fee.
01/29/2019 SR-CBOE-2019-003  SR-CBOE-2019-003 - Proposal to amend its fees schedule.
01/29/2019 SR-CBOE-2019-002  SR-CBOE-2019-002 - Proposal to establish fees for a recently added option that overlies the S&P Select Sector Index options.
01/11/2019 SR-CBOE-2019-001  SR-CBOE-2019-001 - Proposal to amend the Tenth Amended and Restated Bylaws and the Fourth Amended and Restated Bylaws.
12/20/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-076  SR-CBOE-2018-076 - Proposal to extend the Penny Pilot Program.
12/19/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-075  SR-CBOE-2018-075 - Proposal to amend the SPX SMM Program.
11/26/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-074  SR-CBOE-2018-074 - Proposed rule change to adopt a rulebook shell structure for the post-migration rulebook to be effective on October 7, 2019.
11/23/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-073  SR-CBOE-2018-073 - Proposed rule change to list up to 10 long-term options on SPY.
11/06/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-072  SR-CBOE-2018-072 - Proposal to amend the Fees Schedule to correct an inadvertent marking error.
11/02/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-071  SR-CBOE-2018-071 - Proposed rule change to extend the FLEX pilot program regarding permissible exercise settlement values for FLEX options for 6 months.
11/02/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-070  SR-CBOE-2018-070 - Proposed rule change to extend the nonstandard expirations PM-settlement pilot program for 6 months.
11/02/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-069  SR-CBOE-2018-069 - Proposed rule change to extend the SPXPM pilot program for 6 months.
11/01/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-068  SR-CBOE-2018-068 - Proposal to amend the Fees Schedule with respect to the Volume Incentive Program.
10/15/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-067  SR-CBOE-2018-067 - Proposed rule change to authorize the Exchange to list for trading options on the S&P Communication Services Select Sector Index.
10/02/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-066  SR-CBOE-2018-066 - Proposed rule change to permit the Exchange to list weekly series of VIX on a group basis with a minimum increment of $0.01.
09/28/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-065  SR-CBOE-2018-065 - Proposal to amend its fee incentive program for Lead Market-Makers in VIX during Global Trading Hours