Cboe Rule Filings

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Date Document Description
01/19/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-008  SR-CBOE-2018-008 - Proposal to amend rules related to FLEX Options.
01/18/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-006  SR-CBOE-2018-006 - Proposal to amend the market data Fees Schedule.
01/18/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-007  SR-CBOE-2018-007 - Proposed rule change to amend the Fees Schedule.
01/12/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-005  SR-CBOE-2018-005 - Proposal to amend the Fees Schedule.
01/08/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-004  SR-CBOE-2018-004 - Proposed rule change to amend the Fees Schedule.
01/03/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-003  SR-CBOE-2018-003 - Proposed rule change to delete obsolete rules.
01/02/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-001 Withdrawn
01/02/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-002 Withdrawn
12/27/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-084  SR-CBOE-2017-084 - Proposed rule change related to stop orders.
12/26/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-083  SR-CBOE-2017-083 - Proposed rule change to amend the Fees Schedule
12/26/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-082 Withdrawn
12/26/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-081 Withdrawn
12/20/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-079 Withdrawn
12/15/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-078  SR-CBOE-2017-078 - Proposal to Extend Penny Pilot Program
12/08/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-077  SR-CBOE-2017-077 - Proposed amendment to the Fees Schedule
12/07/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-40 Ame... Withdrawn
12/04/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-076  SR-CBOE-2017-076 - Proposed amendment to Rule 5.4.
12/01/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-075 Withdrawn
11/22/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-057 Am...  SR-CBOE-2017-057 Amendment No. 1 - Proposal to increase the position limit for options on certain broad-based ETFs.
11/17/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-074  SR-CBOE-2017-074 - Proposed rule change relating to the Options Regulatory Fee

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