About Cboe Australia

Cboe Australia (CXA), a Cboe Global Markets company, is the innovative securities and derivatives exchange committed to transforming, improving and growing Australian investment markets by providing brokers and investors with the most efficient and cost-effective access to local and global investment opportunities. This focus has seen the alternative trading platform for Australian listed securities grow strongly from its launch in October 2011 to have achieved over 20% market share and trade over $5.98 billion a day in cash equities.

Today, the ASIC regulated market operator provides investors with a combination of world class technology, innovation and cost-efficient product offerings that has attracted more than 50 market participants and thousands of investors.

The Cboe Australia investment product platform offers trading across a range of unique products including warrants and funds which are exclusively quoted and traded on Cboe Australia.

Cboe Australia also offers over 800 uniquely quoted warrants (as at March 2022), across a range of asset classes including equities from Australia’s largest companies, indices, currencies, commodities and fixed income.

The Cboe Australia Funds market includes both Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Quoted Managed Funds (QMFs).ETFs are passively managed funds that track a particular index whereas QMFs are funds that are rules based, actively managed or hold only single assets.

The Cboe Australia 200 Index (CXA 200 Index) is a free-float capitalisation weighted index that captures approximately 80% (by total market capitalisation) of the Australian equity market. The index measures the performance of the largest 200 companies and is calculated using transacted prices from the CXA market. All index values are real-time or end-of-day.

Cboe Australia was formerly known as Chi-X Australia. In June 2021, Cboe Global Markets, Inc., a leading provider of global market infrastructure and tradable products, completed its acquisition of Chi-X Asia Pacific Holdings, Ltd. and its subsidiaries including Chi-X Australia Pty Ltd.

In early 2022 Chi-X Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 129 584 667) changed its name to Cboe Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 129 584 667) and rebranded.

The legal entity that holds the Australian market licence, operates the market and has contracted with participants, product issuers and customers did not change. As such various materials, Market Integrity Rules, legislation and other instruments may still reference 'Chi-X' and the 'Chi-X market' and be read interchangeably with 'Cboe' and the 'Cboe market'.

Cboe Global Markets, a leading provider of market infrastructure and tradable products, delivers cutting-edge trading, clearing and investment solutions to market participants around the world. The company is committed to operating a trusted, inclusive global marketplace, providing leading products, technology and data solutions that enable participants to define a sustainable financial future. Cboe provides trading solutions and products in multiple asset classes, including equities, derivatives and FX, across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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The Cboe Name

The word Cboe is title-cased and is not an acronym. It is a verbalised word pronounced
“SEE-boh”. This naming convention is applied across our products unifying our local and global business. Cboe Global Markets is the umbrella term for the global business.