We have a long weekend coming up.  Monday is President's Day.  President's Day is the third Monday of February.

This Friday, February 13th will have regular trading hours for all products at CBOE, C2 and CFE.

On Monday February 16th, CBOE and C2 are closed for business, so there will be no Stock, ETF or Index option trading on that date.  Regular trading will resume Tuesday morning.

On Sunday evening Feb. 15th,  CFE opens its extended trading session at 5:00pm CST for VIX (VX) and VXT Futures and will close at 10:30am Monday.  Extended hours trading begins again with regular hours starting Monday evening, opening at 5:00pm and closing at 8:30am Tuesday morning.  Monday evening’s session will have regular hours.  Trades in both the Sunday and Monday extended sessions will be submitted for clearing on the Business Day of Tuesday, February 17, 2015. Trading will be closed for all CFE products other than VIX futures on Monday,Feb. 16, 2015.

To recap, regular trading hours on Friday 2/13 on everything.  No option trading Monday, Feb. 16th at CBOE or C2.  Abbreviated trading in extended hours sessions at CFE Sunday night and Monday night for VIX (all trades clear in Tuesday session).

Have a good Presidents Day.

History of President's day: President's Day is the third Monday of February.  Washington's Birthday, Feb. 22nd, was made a national holiday in 1885.  Lincoln's Birthday, February 12th, was a holiday in many northern states, including Illinois.   In 1968 Congress merged the two into President's Day.   Regional observances like Casimer Pulaski day in Illinois and Patriots Day in Massachusetts are fairly common..