The Weekly News Roundup is your weekly recap of CBOE features, options industry news and VIX and volatility-related articles from print, broadcast and online and social media outlets.

MSCI Options Countdown Options on the MSCI Emerging Markets Index (EM) and the MSCI EAFE Index (EAFE) will make their trading debut at CBOE next week – Tuesday, April 21st.  These new products will give money managers an efficient method for managing risk exposure to equity markets outside the U.S.  They will also create new opportunities for index option traders.

“CBOE MSCI Index Options to Debut on 21 April” -- Hedgeweek

“New Index Option Trading Opportunities at CBOE” -- Russell Rhoads, CBOE Options Hub

VIDEO CBOE MSCI Index Options with Russell Rhoads -- CBOE TV

VIX vs VXV The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) measures volatility over the next 30 days, while the little known VXV, the CBOE S&P 500 3-Month Volatility Index, measures volatility looking out 93 days.  Together, these measures can be used as an indicator for market direction.

“Does the VIX Signal Indicate Trouble Ahead?” -- Adam Warner, Schaeffer’s Investment Research

VIDEO “This Obscure Indicator is a ‘Significant Concern’” -- CNBC