The titans of tech dominate this week's Weeklys report. Apple, Twitter, Google, Amazon and Microsoft all have earnings coming up in the next few sessions. I’m Angela Miles covering weekly options expiring this Friday and next Friday May 1st.

A big night of earning is ahead with Amazon, Google and Microsoft all reporting after the close...

Amazon has been getting plenty of options paper flow going into earnings. The options market implies a fairly sizable move is possible either up or down off of earnings in AMZN as way out-of-the money calls and puts trade today. The stock is $390 and puts are active down to 310. Call paper is active up to 440 with those contracts going for $2.20. The straddle for Amazon is implying an 8% move is possible this week. That's a decent sized swing compared to the straddle suggestion last year ahead of earnings of 6.4%.

Traders will be watching for advertising numbers  in Google’s results.  GOOG trades $551 and way out-of-the money calls and puts are active similar to Amazon's options paper. Calls are active up to the 600 strike and puts down to 520. Perhaps some trades find this strategy less expensive than an at-the-money position. The straddle suggest around a 4 percent move.

Trading in Microsoft (MSFT) has been relatively quiet compared to other tech names, but today paper is solid. The straddle at 43 in MSFT predicts a 3.5% move. Puts are in action at 40.5 calls as the stock trades $43.

There’s a lot more happening after the bell…

Starbucks traders are building positions in SBUX into tonight’s earnings. The underlying stock is $48 and call paper is heavier than put paper. Call contracts are generating a number of buyers at the 49 and 50 lines. The 49.5 straddle forecasts a $1.90 move up or down, which translates to around 4.5%.

Also after the bell, Altera reports. And, as ALTR trades $42 there is a demand for 41 puts and upside calls at 44. The bid ask spread is wide. The straddle points to a 5% move. Altera needs to turn in a solid performance after talks reportedly broke off with Intel.

Monday promises to be busy with big Apple turning in earnings. AAPL has rallied this week to $129. This week's weekly options are mostly active on the call side at 130 and 131. Next week (May 1 expiration) calls are in motion up to the 135 line. The straddle at 129 prices at $7 suggesting around a 5% move.

Mylan has been making news headlines with its recent takeover bid from generic drug maker Teva.  MYL has an earnings day Monday. The stock trades $73 call players are building positions with the 73, 74 and 75 strikes.

On Tuesday next week, traders will turn their attention to Twitter...

Twitter is popular in weekly options and is trading around $51. Upside call buyers are in the 52 and 55 strike contracts for this week's expiration and next week's expiration. The options market suggests an 11% move is possible.

Thursday’s earnings roundup includes Gilead Sciences...

Gilead has been very active into earnings. It’s one of the most popular biotech trades in the options world. As GILD trades $104, put players are active at 95 and 100 strikes for next weeks expiration.

SPX is finding put buyers in tomorrow's expiration with the 2,085 and 2,100 strikes, and call players at 2,140.

Taking a look at changes to the list of available Weeklys: Interdigital has been added, the ticker symbol is: IDCC.

On my In The Money show today Trader Tim Biggam reveals his Weeklys SPY strategy as volatility remains low.

That’s it for now. Thanks so much for following the options action with me on You can also follow me on Twitter @AngieMiles.  Have a great Thursday.